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Welcome to Stoneyhill Playgroup

Stoneyhill Playgroup have provided a service to the local community for more than 35 years. Our aim is to provide a happy and fun environment for all children that attend the playgroup, promoting learning through play.

Stoneyhill Playgroup need regular Fundraising and Sponsor Support.....


Stoneyhill Playgroups parent committee supports the team.


The Playgroup is available every morning from 9.30 to 11.45.


Who We Are

Welcome to Stoneyhill Playgroup.

Our Aim is to provide your children with a happy, fun and secure environment that stimulates, educates and entertains. Our focus is to deliver learning through play. We touch on the key areas of the pre-birth to 3 years curriculum including numeracy, literacy, social and cognitive development creating a strong foundation on which the children can build.

Sharon Kerr, Amanda Barnes and Sharon McDougalWe encourage all our children to interact with one another as well as with parents and the support staff to build confident and motivated individuals. The children are encouraged to play together moving freely from one activity to another, thereby developing their social and motor skills. Children will participate in art and crafts activities, painting, jigsaws and puzzles, story time and free time, thus giving them them every opportunity to explore their potential and allowing them to develop as individuals through different types of play.

Sharon Kerr, the Playgroup Manager has an SPA and SVQIII in Childcare and Education and has completed the Elliot Harrold, Linda Sinclair and Bridget Devlin PDA and more recently achieved her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Childhood Practice from Edinburgh University.

Practitioner, Sharon McDougall, has completed the NPA from Jewel and Esk Valley College and has recently completed her HNC in Child Care and Education.

Elliot Harrold and Gayle Durham are currently working toward recognised qualifications at Practitioner level.

Julie Durie supports the team as a volunteer and is currently progressing her HNC studies at Edinburgh College.

The team also undertakes regular training and workshops associated with food hygiene, first aid, child protection and infection control through the East Lothian Partnership and in compliance with the Scottish Social Services Council

The team all have Disclosure Scotland/PVG Registration to comply with the criteria for child protection as set by the Local Authority and the National guidelines.

The Playgroup is reviewed annually by the Care Inspectorate who regulate all social care, social work and child protection services throughout Scotland. Copies of the playgroups reports can be viewed on line at the Inspectorate web site


Opening Times

The team tries to follow the school year and does try to return at the beginning of a week so as to provide a stable service at all times.

Monday        09:30 - 11:45
Tuesday       09:30 - 11:45
Wednesday   09:30 - 11:45
Thursday      09:30 - 11:45
Friday           09:30 - 11:45


Fees and Charges

Morning Session - £7.50

Annual subscription/Joining Fee - £10.00

All fees are payable in advance of the sessions attendance and are non refundable should the child not attend a session.
The playgroup has a waiting list and parents are asked to give a 2 weeks notice that they intend to terminate their childs session. This allows other parents and children an opportunity to access the facilities.


The Playgroup will be closed in line with East Lothian Council School holidays

Please follow the link below for a ful list of term dates from East Lothian Council

East Lothian Schools Term Information






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Sponsors & Support

Collaborative Practice
Co-op Sponsors Stoneyhill Playgroup
Fund Raising - Thanks To All:

The Playgroup would like to thank all parents, friends and families for their continued support with fund raising throughout the year.

Without these events the Playgroup would not be able to operate and supply the children with the resources and experiences that they deserve.

Snack Menu for Stoneyhill Playgroup
Snack Menu:

This is a sample menu prepaired by the Playgroup Current menu's and parent rota are on the Playgroup notice board and will be published on our facebook page for parents with access permissions. Our aim is to provide a small healthy snack based on ideas from the children and parents. Please let us have any feedback.

Policies and Procedures Folder
Policies and Procedures:

As part of the running of the Playgroup it falls to the team to deliver, updated policies and procedures associated with the safe running of the facility.

We have included updates to the following Policies and procedures and will be posting links to the full documents on the web site.

Internet and Mobile Phone Policy

Click to view and download the entire Policy.

At Playgroup it is our intention to provide an environment in which children, parents and staff are safe from images being recorded and inappropriately used.  In turn we eliminate the following concerns:


Evacuation Procedure

Click to view or download the current policy.

In the event of an unforeseen emergency the Playgroup policy is to ensure that all children and adults present are exited from the building in a safe and orderly manner through the nearest clear fire exit.


Volunteer Policy

Click to view or download the current policy.

To provide a safe practice when involving volunteers within our setting, taking into consideration the safety and needs of our children and families

Food Allergies Policy

Click to view or download the current policy.

To provide a safe, healthy menu for our children attending playgroup, taking into consideration allergies and intolerance's and where we can, meet those needs.


Toilet Training Policy

Click to view or download the current policy.

To provide a supportive and encouraging environment for both the children and parents progressing toilet training.
The Playgroup have decided to try to raise awareness and funds with this new service...
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